On the island of Karpathos, I divide my time between the village of Olympos in the north of the island, where we have a tiny hotel called Anemos, 

and at nearby Agios Minas beach,
where we have a taverna called Anemos Sunrise.

You can call us on 0030 2241 500 377
Find the rooms on Airbnb or directly through the contact form here, or at
Find us on Facebook: Taverna Anemos Sunrise

Ferry Information at Pigadia, Karpathos: (30) 22450 22227

Bus service to Olympos is very limited. 

One of our favourite car rental companies is Billys Rent a Car, as they have Fiat Pandas which can easily handle the tracks to Agios Minas beach. Call Christina on 22450 31292

To visit Agios Minas beach, you can drive
or take one of these excursion boats from the port at Diafani:
Alimounda - Captain Vasilis: (0030) 697 826 5873
Captain Manolis - George: (0030) 697 405 7759
Captain Nikos: (0030) 697 499 0394

As you arrive in Olympos, one of the first people you'll see is Sophia, usually doing some sewing outside her traditional cafe. She has rooms to rent - you can contact me to arrange:

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